Blue Tin Ranch


We aim to be as flexible as possible. You have access to all amenities on your day. As your Day-of coordinators, we will help you plan from 8am to Midnight! 

1909 Barn

Reception Hall


Built at the turn of the century by local farmers, our barn proudly stood 100 years. 

In 2009 this beauty was scheduled to be burned down. The owners of Blue Tin Ranch couldn't bare to see this community pillar destroyed. 

The Jorgensen's bought the barn and had it moved 3 miles to their property at Blue Tin Ranch. 

In 2020, the owners decided to take out the Hay Mow. Opening the barn for the breathtaking interior views. 

Our Machine Shed turned Reception Hall is perfect for your birthday party, fundraising event, Sorority dinner or whatever!

Dance all night, seat 250 for dinner, have drinks at our BTR Bar.

We are flexible here at Blue Tin Ranch and will work with you to have the perfect selection of buildings for no matter the event! 


Enchanted Forest


Front Lawn

Our enchanted forest consists of a winding path through our 5 acre grove of trees.


Along the path you will find seating, bird feeders, a gazebo, a beautiful sunset, and most importantly, peace. 

Our sprawling Front Lawn will fit an unlimited amount of people. Perfect for large gatherings of 250+ 

We have 26 church pews which will fit upwards of 300 people to use at your disposal! 

Set up your arbor in the lawn. Enjoy the views of the Missouri River Valley. 


At the end of our Enchanted Forest is a Gazebo. Equipped with seating for around 20 people.

The perfect sunset escape. 


Imagine brunching in the gazebo with your closest friends. Taking family pictures, or just watching the sunset at the end of the day!

The Corn Crib Swings

Not just a pretty backdrop for a stunning dress. Not just a fun place to hang out.


Our Corn Crib, built by the owner's grandparents in the early 1900's was brought to Blue Tin Ranch in 2013. 

In 2020 the owners decided to do something unique and creative. They added a fire pit and the coolest swings.   More than your average bin-zeebo!  

Hang out in our corncrib swings all afternoon. 

PS. They have cupholders 


Upstairs Lounge

Upstairs in the Reception Hall is a fun place to hang out before, during or after an event!

Equipped with comfy seating, a TV for gaming or movie watching, and the best part, a balcony overlooking the Missouri River Valley! 

Cottonwood Trees

When the owners got married and moved in, they brought cottonwood saplings from the river to grow into a snow fence. 

Little did they know, the trees would turn into the most picturesque row of grandfatherly giants!

The space to the East of the Cottonwood row can fit more than 50 cars! (If you have more than 100 cars we have overflow parking for an unlimited amount of cars across the street. This will require a valet service at an extra charge!) 



The Pavilion is our favorite spot to dance the night away. All lit up when the stars come out.


Our open air pavilion is great for enjoying the night air, watching the rain and for setting up a live band! 

The music from the reception hall spills out into the pavilion. Creating a fun double dance floor!