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Mother Daughter Duo

Our crazy idea... 
See, this farm? It's been in our family for generations, five to be exact. And the latest generation, well, that's my sister and cousin – all girls. And none of us wanted to keep farming the traditional way.

So, we thought, 'What do we do with a family farm that's seen so much history but won't see farming anymore?' That's when it hit us. Turn it into a wedding venue! And not just any venue, but a place where we could bring people together, create memories, and keep the farm alive in a whole new way. Community members have been suggesting this to us for decades anyway!

Creating Blue Tin Ranch and opening up our home to the community... honestly, it's been the best decision we've ever made. We adore hosting, meeting new people, and sharing what we've built here.

It took us a bit to get everything just right – a few years, actually. And we're always tinkering, adding new things. Like, right now, we're redoing the pavilion and just got a new sign last week! It's not brand new, but that's the charm of Blue Tin Ranch. Everything's got a story, usually something repurposed, giving old things new life.

So, take a look around. We're thrilled to have you here, and who knows? Maybe you'll find your story starts here too.

Blue Tin Ranch Staff

What's Included

Your weekend rental (Friday noon -Sunday noon) includes the following buildings and outdoor spaces! Check them out 


Outdoor Spaces

All spaces below are included in your weekend rental. Mix and match the spaces to fit your dream day! 


Contact us

For any inquiries or to start planning your next celebration, please get in touch.

Blue Tin Ranch

47033 Burbank Road

Burbank, SD 57010

(Noreen) 605.670.8139

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