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Adulting 101

Updated: May 11

As college and university students graduate today, I think back to my own graduation and the fear of having to figure out life on my own.

It wasn't in the financial cards for me to attend a 4 year college way back in 1981. Instead I enrolled in SE Area Vocational-Technical School, now know as SE Tech in Sioux Falls. I left the 2 year program with minimal debt, I think I paid $26.50 per month for 5 years to pay off the loan. Jobs were hard to find in the early 80's so when I was offered a job 5 months after graduation

I jumped at the chance. The next 10 years was spent living and learning how to adult. It wasn't pretty at times.

Kids today are judged so harshly and unfairly. Please, give these new graduates a little slack, a little time, a little grace. They'll figure things out, just like we all did.

Congratulations class of 2024. Make us all proud!

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