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Aurora Borealis

Did you go out to see the beautiful Northern Lights? I hope you did! Even with the naked eye the pink hue was visible and even sometimes the green.

Kelley and I walked out into the field, which was just occupied by a John Deere tractor pulling a disc earlier in the day. We invited our guests on the farm to join us. They did make the trek out with us, but it was obvious this city family was not impressed with our dirt and bugs and scurrying rabbits!

The almost new moon was keeping guard until just before midnight. There was something magical about the moon last night too. It was just so perfect.

As a kid growing up in Minnesota I don't remember a single time I ever went out to look for Northern Lights. Even when I lived on the North Dakota border. Were my folks just not interested? Was there no technology at the time to predict them? I feel like much of the civilized world has missed the opportunity to gaze upon the wonders of the universe.

I do remember being in my early 20's and visiting my Mom and Dad in Flandreau SD. Mom was adamant I get off the couch and come out to see the Northern Lights. I grumbled and went out with not much enthusiasm and was treated to the most spectacular show I have ever experienced. We laid on the picnic table and just watched as the green sheets danced and waved above us. I wonder what those lights would have looked like with today's camera abilities. It's an image I will remember always.

Anyone staying at Blue Tin Ranch might just have the experience of a lifetime! Who knows what the next phenomenon will be!

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