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Happy Mother's Day

Updated: May 12

We here at Blue Tin Ranch want to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! We hope you were able to spend some time with those you love and who love you back (most of the time anyway!)

Kelley is the one who gave me the title of Mom and 22 months later Kerrey made the family complete. And I can honestly say that there is not even 1 second that I have not loved being Mom. Even through the diapers and tantrums and teenage angst, I have always felt that my purpose here on Earth was to be Mom to these two beautiful, smart, funny and independent women.

I lost my own Mom a couple of years ago. And it's funny how her presence is still with me. Whenever I make a decision I always ask myself if Mom would approve. Sometimes the answer is 'not in a million years' but I do it anyway. And just like when I was a kid I usually end up shrugging my shoulders and admitting I should have listened to her!

If you are reading this and aren't a Mom or have a Mom you don't have a relationship with or any of the multiple scenarios out there, I still wish you a day filled with love and sunshine and joy!


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