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Lending a hand

This last week has been one of catastrophe for hundreds of our fellow Union County citizens. A tremendous amount of rain up north had no other route than to flow south. All the little creeks and streams and rivers were swollen and out of their banks.

Where we live in extreme southeast SD we have the Big Sioux River, which is the east border and the Missouri River on the west. Where they meet became flooded with more water than has previously ever been recorded.

Blue Tin Ranch was fortunate enough to not be affected by the floods. Our only inconvenience was the hour long detour to get to Sioux City.

As a good community member we wanted to help. Do we help fill sandbags? Do we donate food, clothing, toiletries? Or do we use the guest spaces we have to give refuge to a displaced family.

We were so thrilled when the opportunity arose to take in a family of 5 from McCook Lake. While their house is still intact they were dealing with no water, no electricity and no way to get to work. All things that we take for granted every day.

The family arrived Monday late afternoon. The kids were in good spirits and took the lead from Mom that they were on an adventure. So friendly, respectful and a joy to be around! Mom and Dad did their best to smile through their exhaustion but their eyes showed just how tired they really were.

We got them settled in the guest house. Made sure there was plenty of food and drink for them so they could just relax and not worry about what was for breakfast in the morning. Made sure the house was nice and cool as the weather was oppressively hot and humid. Made sure the family felt they weren't alone in this journey.

I was so happy to be able to help in such a small way. We didn't make a huge impact on the flood relief but we are confident we made a difference for one very special family 💙💙💙


Update: The water is back on in their house so they are headed home today. I'm so happy for them!

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