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Mulberry SZN

Updated: 7 days ago

It's that glorious time of year when the Mulberry trees produce that lovely purple berry. That time of year when you curse the birds for leaving that purple streak on your car as they fly over. That wonderful early summer time when the little scurrying animals have their bellies full of the sweet tasty fruit that falls to the ground.

Kerrey's birthday is at the start of Mulberry season. She and her sister in their younger years would eagerly collect as many berries as they could and then rush to see who could eat them faster. By the way, Mulberry stains do not come out of clothing...I learned that the hard way!

One year Kerrey was stuck working in the Black Hills on her birthday and missed out on Mulberry fun. So I picked her a container full and sent it to her. I'm sure the berries were super sour by the time they reached her.

I am thankful for the many Mulberry trees on the Blue Tin Ranch property. I would just caution June brides to watch their step 💙💙

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