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The Barn hosts a Shower

When we moved the 1909 barn in almost 2 decades ago, I never imagined I would be hosting a bridal shower for my youngest daughter. After all, she was in elementary school at the time and thoughts then were on summer activities and getting ready for the next school year. Certainly not on what color scheme she would want for the celebration of her upcoming wedding!

We hosted a fantastic group of family and friends. Some came from near but most traveled at least 2 hours to get to Blue Tin Ranch. Many would point out that I have traveled at least that far for family events, but there is something special when the favor is returned.

As we gear up to be able to use the barn for other events we are so excited for the future! We can't wait to share our historic and beautiful barn with others celebrating life's special moments.

So what has to be done before the barn can be used? Not so much really. An architect is working on the plans and we should be able to move forward soon. Not soon enough for this impatient one!

Stay tuned!


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