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Washing Glass is my downfall

Updated: Jun 1

Is there something you do in your every day life that would be best done by someone other than you? For me, its washing windows or mirrors. I just can't do it!! No matter what I do or how I try to improve, the dang glass just looks better dirty than it does when I get done 'cleaning'.

A few years ago I had a photographer come up to me and asked if I could possibly clean the mirror in the upstairs loft. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had just done it the day before, but I dutifully got the Windex and a roll of paper towels and headed upstairs. I kid you not, the mirror looked better from the first cleaning than it did from the second! What do I do wrong?!?!?! UGH!! I did mention to the photographer that my cleaning skills were sub-par but she waved me off and said, under her breath, how hard can cleaning a mirror be? About 2 minutes later she came back and asked if she could have the cleaning supplies so she could do it herself. I take no offense...I know I can't do it!!

I am to the point where I do not invite folks into the house in the mornings. The big nice windows all face east and they are BAD. I mean....really BAD. During the rest of the day the windows let in beautiful sunshine and I Love them! But in the morning, oh boy! It looks like they haven't been washed since they were put in 20 years ago. They have, I swear! But I cannot state this clearly enough...they look better dirty than do after an attempt by Noreen to clean them.

Noreen Jorgensen

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