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Why a Farm Wedding?

Why a Farm Wedding? The question is, why not a Farm Wedding!!!

The wide open spaces. The crops growing right along the border. The mature trees. The iconic buildings. What's not to love about being in the country?!

I have lived on this farm since 1992. Before moving in a double wide mobile home, there was nothing here except a grove of trees that was slowly dying due to Dutch Elm Disease. A few truck loads of gravel later and the beginnings of a farmstead started to materialize. And now we are so happy to share what was built in the last 32 years.

Peace and quiet are abundant. Until the train comes by that is. But the sound of a train can be soothing, and it only lasts a minute at most. And then it's back to the birds song, the frogs croaking and the crickets making their racket.

Have you ever sat back and looked at trees on a windy day? Its really incredible to see them sway and then seconds later you are hit with the same gust. They are the crystal ball on the farm telling of the future breeze.

And in June when the fireflies make their appearance, the grove and lawns are transformed into a fairy land of sparkling lights. Do you call them fireflies or lightning bugs? Where I grew up in Minnesota we didn't have them, so call them whatever you want, I will just enjoy them now!

And to experience all of this magic on your wedding day is sure to make the memories even sweeter. Booking with Blue Tin Ranch means you have the farm mostly to yourselves for 48 hours. Plenty of time to fill up the memory banks for the days ahead.

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