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South Dakota's first approved Agricultural Event Center

Blue Tin Ranch

Now Booking 2025 Events

Welcome to Blue Tin Ranch

"like getting married in your own back yard"
Silk-and-Thorn Blue Tin Ranch Country Wedding
Emily Kowalski Blue Tin Ranch Country Wedding
Noreen & Kelley Jorgensen
Noreen & Kelley Jorgensen
Silk-and-ThornBlue Tin Ranch Country Wedding
Blue Tin Ranch Country Wedding
Silk-and-Thorn-Blue TIn Ranch South Dakota Wedding

- A Blue Tin Ranch Bride

"Our weekend wedding at Blue Tin Ranch was nothing short of magical, thanks in large part to the incredible convenience of having so many beautiful places to stay right on the property. Our guests loved the seamless experience from celebration to accommodation. It truly made our special day even more memorable for everyone involved."

Blue Tin Ranch Staff.jpeg

About Us

Noreen + Kelley

A mother daughter duo who decided to take the leap and run a business together!

Welcome to Blue Tin Ranch. We’re Noreen and Kelley - the duo behind this place. Back in 2018, right after Kelley graduated college, we got this crazy idea. Renovate the farm into a wedding venue! 

It was the best decision and we haven't looked back since! We love hosting and couldn't imagine life any other way. 

Weekend Rentals: What's Included?

We offer an easy, straightforward and transparent rental process. One package, one price,  sufficient time to set up and tear down. Friday at noon through Sunday at noon for a flat fee of  $7,500. What's all included in the weekend rental? 

Reception Hall

Originally just a machine shed for storing farm equipment, this building was the main focus of our renovation efforts.


Repurposing and reusing things found around the farm made this space extra special. We are currently in the process of renovating (again) this space to make it even safer for our guests. 

The Reception hall can hold 200 people, has a cool rustic old bar, HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING(!!) a loft area, and a balcony overlooking the Missouri River. 

Silk-and-Thorn-Blue Tin Ranch Reception hall
Silk-and-Thorn-Blue Tin Ranch Bridal Suite

Guest Houses

We now have 3 guest houses on property for rent. (The bridal house and the chicken coop are included in your rental and coach house can be rented separately.)


All accommodations can be rented separately through out the week as well.

Bridal House: 

2 bedroom, 1 bath full kitchen and dining room with 2 sofa beds in the living room. 
Sleeps 8 max. 

Perfect for mimosas in the morning, winding down at night, and a place to escape to during the day. 

Outdoor Spaces

The Enchanted Forest:

A winding path through the grove of trees. Lit at night by the fairy lights and the fireflies. 

The Gazebo: 
At the end of the enchanted forest lies a quiet and peaceful gazebo built specifically to watch sunsets. 

Front Lawn: 

Right between all the action! The front lawn is between the main house, barn, guest house and pavilion. Great for setting up tents and chairs for an outdoor wedding, or for setting up lawn games! 

The Cotton Wood Trees: 

Decades old trees in a perfect line make for a great backdrop for photos! 

Corn Crib Swings: 

Everyone's favorite part of Blue Tin Ranch! 6 swings surrounding a fireplace. 

& So Much More

Silk-and-Thorn Blue Tin Ranch Swings
Emily Kowalski  Blue-Tin-Ranch- Barn

1909 Barn

Built at the turn of the century by local farmers, our barn proudly stood 100 years. 

In 2009 this beauty was scheduled to be burned down. The owners of Blue Tin Ranch couldn't bare to see this community pillar destroyed. 

The Jorgensen's bought the barn and had it moved 3 miles to their property at Blue Tin Ranch. 

In 2020, the owners decided to take out the Hay Mow. Opening the barn for the breathtaking interior views. 

Silk-and-ThornBlue TIn Ranch south dakota Wedding
Now booking 2025 events

The most affordable venue in the area

Emily  Kowalski Blue TIn Ranch Wedding
Silk-and-Thorn-Blue TIn Ranch South DakotaWedding-Blue-Tin-Ranch-South-Dakota-174.jpg

Weekend Rental

Our home is your home all weekend. We offer an easy, straightforward and transparent rental process. One package, one price,  sufficient time to set up and tear down.

Friday at noon through Sunday at noon for a flat fee of  $7,500. 

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